Oh, hello there!

Name’s Stephen! I love making cool stuff (or at least stuff that I think is cool)! This website exists to document some of my projects, as well as to share thoughts and more that may be interesting to others.

I am an Industrial Engineering EIT with a passion for analytics & optimization, programming, and finding the root cause of issues. My professional experience includes time in procurement, analytics, software design/development, project management, and supply chain.

More importantly, my personal interests cover a wide gamut – from electronics and home automation, to cycling and perfecting the simple cup of coffee, and far beyond.

I’m a strong believer that anyone can create. Don’t let your education define what you can do. Want to learn about the newest tech in data engineering? Or how paint like the pros? Go for it! Formal education provides a set of tools for your personal toolbox, but that doesn’t mean that tools can’t be added in other ways. So go experiment, have fun, and most importantly, always keep learning and creating.

Want to contact me with feedback, questions, suggestions for future works, or anything else? You can reach me at stephen@gidge.dev. Let’s make great things together.

- Stephen